Unique to RCS is our external storage compound, designed to not only hide the trailer towing bracket but also act as a secure storage area this unique compound is an idea way to increase branding without increasing the overall trailer footprint.

The compound can be used to store fresh and waste water containers, generators or perhaps tables and chairs. Built of light weight GRP the compound is stored and transported inside the trailer for ease of delivery and can be constructed by a couple of team members on site.

At RCS we can build any size of trailer required by our customers using Al-KO chassis, braking systems and towing brackets. We can also if required provide advice and support regarding loading weights, road carriage requirements and towing.

Our specialist standard trailers are constructed from 15mm GRP with customer service hatches to one side and an employee entrance door to the rear elevation. To meet OPG safety guidelines we make provision for the installation of gas tanks externally as part of the towing bracket arms, ensuring that a fire breach would be unlikely within 30 mins.