At RCS our team has experience in bringing back to life a wide range of vehicles from horse boxes, to H’ Vans, mobile trailers, lorry containers and even World War 2 military vehicles.

The level of skill required in any restoration requires professional, highly skilled individuals with a genuine passion for transforming the old and sometimes neglected back to life in a sympathetic way where attention to detail is critical to achieving a visual, practical and unique solution to any project.


These projects can be challenging as the level of work required sometimes out ways the time and money required in the re-development.

However, with energy and experience the re-development results can be amazing, attracting end user customers with a genuine interest in the structure being brought back to life.

This vehicle is ideal for restoration and can be developed into almost any style of catering outlet. However, the majority are developed as coffee outlets, some are mechanically sound which allows them to be driven from venue to venue with others located as static outlets.

At RCS we have developed a wide variety of H’ vans into trading outlets from coffee shops to burger vans and even fish and chips!

Mobile or static lorry trailers offer a massive opportunity to develop fantastic trading outlets or just a design to be seen as inspiring, quite simply they can be turned into almost anything as long as the size requirements can accommodate the imagery and equipment requirements.

40ft containers have been used by Formula 1 as driver trailers, they have been converted into shops for major high street fashion brands or used to create stunning catering outlet that provide the customers with an amazing social experience.

At RCS we have the knowledge, expertise and experience to turn your restoration vision into a reality!!

With military vehicles the opportunities are endless and will depend on the style and type of vehicle to be restored, they can be developed into almost any style of retail or catering outlet and attract customers at any event where they go simple because of the nostalgia that goes with them.

They can either be self-driven as our mechanical engineers will ensure that all the mechanical parts are in full working order to meet the Department of Transport road standards or they can be constructed to be transported by a third party vehicle.