RCS Classic

Introducing the RCS Classic

In recent years we have regularly received the request for renovations and adjustments to Airstreams.  The high overall weight, limited inside height and often the  poor condition of the chassis led to a reason for designing the the RCS classic. 

Construction of the Classic with the main points:

Determine Retro design

Generous dimensions

Light in weight / High load capacity

Sustainable products (polyester / sandwich)

European certified

The Classic I

Weight 1800 kg
Load capacity 1000 kg
Dimensions 4500 x 2150 x 2150 mm

The Classic II

Twine axle
Weight 3500 kg
Load capacity 2400 kg
Dimensions 5500 x 2150x 2300 mm

Classic Benefits:

Very large interior dimensions.

Retro design.

New Alko shafts and drawbar.

Completely hot dip galvanized chassis.

Sandwich panels (light in weight / durable).

Polyester front and rear cover
(light in weight / highly impact-resistant).

Aluminium rimmed hatches, with waterproof bead hinge.

LED lighting all around.

Do you want to stand out with your trailer ..

Enjoy a spacious trailer…

Retro, ‘old school’ trailer…

High load capacity…

Low maintenance and secure…

European certified…

The answer is the RCS Classic.