Retail Catering Solution

Retail Catering Solution

Retail Catering Solution


At RCS we specialise in the construction of both standard, bespoke and vehicular trading outlets, our flexible service ensures we can meet the needs of all of our customers.


We can provide a standard size kiosk for use in both internal and external locations, these kiosks are available from 2m x 3m to 6m x 4m and include staff access door, customer service hatch, mains power board, gas isolator, mains water cut off tap, internal ceiling lighting and basic power socket installation. In addition the standard kiosk includes a fascia sign and a single colour exterior paint.

We also offer additional items such as floor to ceiling 1m wide windows, internal branding, internal counter supply and installation, increased power requirements etc. All none standard installations are charged at fixed costs from a menu of variations. Delivery and on-site installation are charged in addition to the build cost.


Unique to RCS is our external storage compound, designed to not only hide the trailer towing bracket but also act as a secure storage area this unique compound is an idea way to increase branding without increasing the overall trailer footprint.

The compound can be used to store fresh and waste water containers, generators or perhaps tables and chairs. Built of light weight GRP the compound is stored and transported inside the trailer for ease of delivery and can be constructed by a couple of team members on site.

At RCS we can build any size of trailer required by our customers using Al-KO chassis, braking systems and towing brackets. We can also if required provide advice and support regarding loading weights, road carriage requirements and towing.

Our specialist standard trailers are constructed from 15mm GRP with customer service hatches to one side and an employee entrance door to the rear elevation. To meet OPG safety guidelines we make provision for the installation of gas tanks externally as part of the towing bracket arms, ensuring that a fire breach would be unlikely within 30 mins.

Bespoke Vehicle Conversions

With over 100 years experience in the retail and catering sectors our team have the skills and the experience necessary to convert any standard road vehicle into a unique retail or catering outlet from a hackney carriage to a 40’ articulated lorry we can transform the original into something unique. This process can involve a simple modification to the external panels, interior finishes and imagery to a full re-build on to a new chasse.

In circumstances when the finished vehicle is planned to be fully mobile and self-contained (includes the engine) the design and build will be added to the original vehicle to ensure it meets the required road traffic regulations. These regulations will determine the construction method, materials and finishes used.

Exclusive Type H Van Conversion

Combining the old school attraction with modern day technology, efficiency and reliablility we convert a Citroen Jumper van in to a Type H using our unique external conversion package.

Exclusively to RCS in the UK we work with our clients to transform both the external and internal appearance through branding the exterior and installing internally the equipment required to meet our clients expectations.

The Type H conversion kit is an ideal way to start a business with a unique food truck that’s eye catching and ready to go!

Exclusive Pod Range

Pod Trailer is the ideal solution for a mobile food truck, enhancing your sales and promotional activities. This trailer can be attached to your car very easily and holds an official European approved chassis. The trailer is extremely low-maintenance, available in multiple colors. The basic set-up can be easily expanded according to your own personal preferences.

The Pod Trailer is mostly being used as a mobile food truck, to enhance sales and promotional activities. The Pod trailer can be stickered with your own logo, which gives the wagon its professional look. The trailer itself is very light, which allows people to transport the trailer with a regular driver license.


  •  Ideal foodtruck, sales- or promotional wagon
  •  Professional representation of brand / company
  •  Customizable according to personal preferences
  •  Increase revenue and create brand awareness

Exclusive Cater Cart Range

Our multi-functional Cater Cart is the perfect marketing resource for branding.

Next to that, you can stimulate (seasonal) sales, by offering your products and services ‘on location’. It is available in 4 complete basic set-ups. The practical design makes the Cater Cart the perfect tool for inside and outside usage!

The Cater Cart is often being used as an additional terrace bar for hospitality establishments in the summer season. Next to that, the growing market of mobile catering during events has discovered the Cater Cart as well! For retailers, it is the perfect tool to advertise with a new (seasonal) products and to bring a product out of the shop as well. All of this can give your revenue a massive boost.


  •  For retailers, brands and restaurants/bars
  •  Perfect for product launches
  •  Ideal as mobile hospitality outlet
  •  Unique brand experience

Exclusive Serve Trolley Range

With the mobile serve-trolley, you will create a wonderful experience for your customers! You can serve cocktails, cheese and hot snacks right there at the table. You will steal the show in your own restaurant or at a public event! This is the perfect tool to get more interaction with your guests and to increase your revenue.


  •  Ideal for restaurants and (outside) events
  •  Proactively bringing products under attention
  •  Creating a unique customer experience
  •  Increase your revenue and service